Work Safe Near Power Lines

Keep yourself and others safe

  • Always be aware of the location of overhead power lines in your work area.

  • If you intend to work close to overhead power lines or underground cables, contact NWL on 0800 440 220 for information you will need and a close approach consent if applicable.


Remember to treat all lines as live at all times

  • Never climb a power pole or interfere with any electrical asset.

  • Never touch a downed line.

  • Always check for distances from lines when trimming trees.

  • Never dig around a power pole unless you are more than 5 metres away from the pole - always check for underground cables first.

 Further information can be found here or at the Energy Safety website.

 Check out the Video gallery.

NWL0003 drone chopper digging V2

 Underground Cables

  • Always know the location of underground cables before you dig or excavate. You may need to apply for a Close Approach permit, via this link.

  • If you are not sure of the cable locations contact Whitestone Contracting (03) 433 0240 or 0800 B4U DIG (0800 248 344). This is a free service.

  • Remember that cable locations depicted on plans or maps may not be completely accurate so check before carefully it's too late.

Depending on what cables are buried, there may be a need for an excavation to be carried out using Hydro vac methods - contact NWL for more information.