Pricing Information

Network Waitaki’s prices

Electricity retailers on Network Waitaki’s network sell electricity to end consumers. These retailers buy electricity from electricity generation companies (or they generate their own electricity) and pay Network Waitaki to deliver the electricity to their customers’ homes or businesses.

Network Waitaki charges the electricity retailers on its network for the cost of delivering their electricity to end consumers.  Retailers then re-bundle Network Waitaki’s prices with power generation and retailer prices into the bill that a customer receives.

Network Waitaki’s prices are divided into the following two categories:

  • Distribution prices are used to maintain Network Waitaki's network assets; for example the poles and lines supplying consumers’ homes.
  • Pass-through prices are used to recover the prices that Transpower charge Network Waitaki for transmitting power from the generation stations to Network Waitaki's network.  Pass-through prices also include regulatory levies and rates that are charged by the Electricity Authority, the Commerce Commission, Waitaki District Council and Utilities Disputes.

More information about load groups are available in Network Waitaki’s price methodology.

The following graph compares Network Waitaki’s prices with other Electricity Distributors.

Source:  Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (15 November 2023). Quarterly Survey of Domestic Electricity Prices.