Trees Near Power Lines

Trees and shrubs are an important part of our environment and we encourage plantings as long as the trees or shrubs planted near power lines cannot grow to a height that would put them in contact with the powerlines. 

NWL0003 fall zone cropped

Tree in notice zone

Trees distance from trees4

  • To ensure your safety and the safety of others, keep foliage to the prescribed distances away from power lines.

  • Remember a fallen tree or branch can bring down power lines, disrupting power supply and possibly causing a fire. It may also may mean there are live wires on the ground which people and animals could come into contact with.

  • Only approved people can work within the prescribed work zone – contact NWL on 0800 440 220 for further information.

  • Planting near power lines – always look up and know where the lines are.

  • Only plant low growing trees or shrubs. 

  • Consider planting power-line friendly trees but do speak to your local plant nursery to determine suitable species for your area.

  • Trees on private land are the responsibility of land owners.


For further information please see the Tree Regulation Guidelines and the Energy Safety website.

Below is a real example of trees too close to power lines.

Trees over 11Kv B4 clearing started