What You Need to Know

Private service lines

Consumers own the service lines that connect them to the Network Waitaki distribution network. While the majority of service lines are low voltage (230/400V) they may also comprise both high voltage (11,000V) and low voltage lines.

Many consumers also own sub-main lines that run between their main installation switchboard and a building such as a detached shed, garage or workshop. The ownership boundary between the Network Waitaki distribution network and the consumer’s service line is defined as the Point of Connection (POC). The POC means the point at which the consumer’s lines, fittings and equipment connect to an isolating device (typically a fuse) on the Network Waitaki distribution network.

The following diagram shows typical POC boundaries for LV reticulated installations, with the consumer-owned service lines coloured magenta.


Standard connection policies

The following is a list of our standard connection policies that you can request by simply contacting us an email at: service@networkwaitaki.co.nz

  • NS0505 Network Connection
  • NS0510 Subdivision Development
  • NS1020 Metering Installations
  • NI0505 Getting Connected Guide
  • NI0535 Regulated terms of Connection of Distributed Generation
  • NI0536 Connection of Distributed Generation up to 10kW
  • NI0537 Connection of Distributed Generation over 10kW

Load management

We reduce the load on our network during periods of high electricity demand or when we are requested to do so by other market participants, such as Transpower.
Load management is done by sending a signal from our control room to switch off hot water heating to reduce the amount of electricity being used. When power demand decreases, we send out a signal that switches hot water cylinders back on.

Protect your power supply

Old and poorly maintained service lines, and those close to trees, are most likely to be damaged in bad weather. Damaged service lines not only cause power loss to your home, but they can also be a safety hazard.
Network Waitaki does not survey service lines, so you need to arrange to have your lines maintained yourself. Electricity lines are dangerous – any inspection or repair work must only be carried out by qualified electrical workers. Never do the work yourself.