Electric vehicles

EV charging stations around the district

       Eden Street

       Tyne Street




Network Waitaki encourages a zero emissions future. Since 2017, we have provided free usage of our 4 EV 50kW fast chargers around the district. This was to encourage the uptake and usage of electric vehicles in our region.

We've recently installed an additional charger in Tyne Street, and all five chargers have been given a designer makeover by local artist Wicksey and MJ Ireland Signs.

Network Waitaki partnered with ChargeNet from 1st April 2021, joining their network of over 200 fast chargers throughout New Zealand.

As at 1st September 2023, the charging fee are as follows:

  • DC charging: 80c per kWh

  • Type 2 AC charging: 80c per kWh

This allows us to continue providing this service, expand our fast charger network and ease congestion at our chargers for other users.

Our chargers are listed on www.plugshare.com

Further information:

  • There are two Electric Vehicle car parks at each station.
  • The chargers are available 24 hours a day. 
  • All stations are fitted with CHAdeMO and CCS Type 2 plugs.
  • Our Tyne Street charging station has an additional AC Type 2 charging option available.

Please contact us at 0800 440 220 if you have any questions regarding our charging stations.

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