Outage in your area via text message

Outage in your area via text message

From the 1st April 2018, Network Waitaki will be automatically texting you, our Consumer, to alert you of any planned outages (where possible) that will affect you.


text Alert

When Network Waitaki is planning an outage that will affect you, the alert will inform you of the day, date, time the power will be off and when it will be restored.

You will receive this texting service if you have provided YOUR RETAILER with a cell phone number when you signed up for an account. If you did not do so and would like to have this service, then contact YOUR RETAILER and add your cell phone number to your account.

Please note that any changes to your cell phone number will also have to be made directly with YOUR RETAILER not Network Waitaki.

For whatever reason that we can’t contact you by text, we will inform you of any Planned Outages directly by phone or mail drop, as we have historically always done.

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